WiFi Added

We are evolving into a fast communications society.  Smart Phones significantly outsell cell phones and few people still have a hard wired phone connection at home.   Just about anywhere you go you hear the question, “You got WiFi?”

The Executive Committee stopped by Tedesco’s Italian Restaurant on Franklin Street for a quiet lunch after a meeting recently.  On the far wall was posted information and the keycode for WiFi.  WiFi is everywhere, but it was not at the post.

At the post, we did not even have internet access, let alone WiFi.  Visitors and guest speakers could not connect their laptops and access programs, web sites, and videos for a presentation.  That is now fixed.  We have connected to the internet via Clearwire.

Clearwire is a wireless internet service, much like a smart phone.  They invented 4G, and 4G forms the backbone for Sprint wireless.  Our connection is very strong–five bars!  We are broadcasting the signal to the small meeting room, bar area and office.  Next will be a  repeater to flip the signal into the large meeting room.

So, for all of you with smart phones, you can now connect to the post’s WiFi system at your next meeting and save your bandwidth.  It’s a secure system, so you will have to get the key code from the Post Commander.  Enjoy.

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