Video Documentary for Iraq Afghanistan Vets

American Legion Chapel Hill Post 6 is assisting Vanessa Patchett, a local master’s degree candidate with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, produce a video documentary. The documentary will focus on experiences of soldiers and their families, during and after deployment, as told in their words and on their terms.

One to three current conflict veterans from either the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts are sought for this project. It will let them share their stories and experiences. The soldiers’ stories will appear on a website dedicated to the project with links to community organizations and resources for soldiers and their families.

This is a good opportunity to help other veterans and the local community learn more about current conflict military service, life in the service, serving in a combat environment and how it affected those who serve. This project is open to any veteran in our area, including non-member veterans.  Learn more about the project.

Let’s ensure that the 99% who don’t serve know about what our heroes have done for them. If this project is for you, contact Vanessa by email.

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