UNC Vets Need Help to Fight Hunger

Food DriveFirst Vice Commander, Shane Hale, and UNC veteran student and President of Carolina Veterans Organization, Mike Hart, discussed the UNC veteran-sponsored “Ruck for Hunger” at the last two American Legion membership meetings.  We’d like to remind all Legionairres that this event occurs on Saturday, 3 Oct 15.  We’d like to have a large Post 6 membership participation to support the UNC Veteran’s attempt to collect food donations from local businesses for donation to a local charity for later distribution to the needy.

We need a minimum of three (3) Post 6 members to commit to volunteer to perform the following tasks

  1. Arrive at UNC behind the ROTC Armory (Venable Parking Lot) at 9:30 am.  The Ruck will begin at 10:00.  We need you cheer and be support until the Ruck starts. Then the three (or more–probably need no more than six, but the more the merrier) will disperse to the following water stations:  Forest Theater,  Meadowmont, and Start/Finish point.  You’ll be briefed on where the first two water stations are located.  You’ll be responsible for driving to the first two listed water locations.  Please wear something that advertises Post 6 American Legion. Your Post 6 cap would be appropriate.
  2. The food collection event will be over at approximately 12:00 PM.  Shane Hale will arrange to break down the water locations and return the tables and chairs to Post 6.  After the Ruck finishes, please go to the Post to participate in a UNC-sponsored picnic, which should last a couple of hours.
  3. For the members who will not assist in the water stations, we’d like as many members as possible to participate by just showing up at the start and/or finish line to support your fellow vets, and then go to the Post to socialize with the event participants.

If you can’t make the start (9:30 AM) or the finish (12:00 PM), then it’s still important to meet at the Post about 12:30 PM to socialize.  Many vets are expected to travel from Ft. Bragg and Camp Lejeune.  Some of them plan to camp out at the Post for Saturday night.

This event is an important public affairs effort for Post 6 in that it will give UNC veterans a feel for the kind of people who are members of Post 6.  This single interaction may influence many UNC vets to become members—or not.  Let’s show them how great a Post we are.

Please send notice of your commitment to volunteer for the water stations to Shane Hale by emailing him at [email protected].  Please let Shane know if you plan to support the Ruck for Food effort by showing up at UNC, the Post, or at both locations.




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