The Fish are Jumping

The weather is just right this week for fishing!

Tim Ross has been busy restocking our post’s fish pond for winter fishing. About 250 6-10 inch Rainbow Trout were delivered by Foster Lake and Pond Management in November!

Fishing is fun and you do not need fancy equipment.  Here are some suggestions for fishing for trout:

  1. Trout are delicate fish so please handle with care if you plan to release them.
  2. If you keep any, please limit it to six (6) which is the state-wide limit on trout.
  3. They are fairly small now, but certainly eatable and fun to catch all winter.
  4. We hope to have enough survive the winter to have some Boy Scout and maybe other events in the spring.
  5. It is best to use a barbless, single hook.
  6. Fishing with a fly rod is probably the most fun way of doing it.

Tim Ross told this reporter, ” I caught a few with heavy, cold wind in my face today and they fought surprisingly well. All on a fly rod!”  The fish will only last through the winter months, so it is time to get your hooks baited and into the water!

Tim advised that most of them should survive until late Spring, when we can have a fish out. They should be much larger by then.

Who can fish? Any member of our post, including their family and guests. The post member, however, must be present with their guests.

Fishing by non-members is strictly prohibited. Members are not permitted to let their “guests” fish unless they are present and serving as their host.  Our post pond and post is private property and not open to others.

How about active duty, reservists, or other retirees?  All they have to do is join the American Legion.  Contact the post adjutant for an application or join on-line at  Then contact the  post adjutant with your new membership number and he will transfer you to the post.

If you have any questions, contact Tim Ross at [email protected].


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