Share Our Story, Make a Lifelong Friend

This story is for the many prior military visitors to our web page seeking information on just what is going on at the new Chapel Hill American Legion Post on NC Highway 54 West. 

Photo courtesy of University Place

Maybe you were a member of the American Legion  years ago.  Maybe you are an American Legionnaire Member-at-Large. Maybe your mother or father served in the military and you heard about the American Legion Riders,  “The Sons of the American Legion” or the American Legion Auxiliary.  Whatever your reason for taking a peek at our website, you made a good choice and landed on a page that will enlighten you and motivate you to say, “Sign me up!”

Take a walk back in time to your days in the military.  What an experience!  We’ll bet that you made a lot of new friends,  shared successes and failures, and explored cities and even countries around the world.  Those are memories shared by many others.  You only need to be around others just like you to rekindle the excitement. Maybe where they went or served was not the same as you, but time in uniform is the same everywhere.  Why not renew the experiences by making new, lifelong friends right here in Chapel Hill and Orange County?

What if you were able to join with other like-minded men and women from our town at one of the newest Post Homes in the American Legion. We’ll also bet that within your “sphere of influence” you have met others who have served their country.   JOIN NOW

We are definitely not “Your Father’s American Legion.”  Our Post Commander, Tony Garcia, and his fellow officers are a youthful crew!  They are leading a post that is over 100 years of age, but our building is brand new and so is our attitude.  

We encourage you to do two things.  First, sit back and click on the video below.  When you have finished watching it, watch it again.  Then, share it with others who have served or who have family members who served.  That’s all there is to it.  Lastly, “seeing is believing.”  Drop on by the post and take a tour.  We’ll make your visit memorable.  We’ll even give you an application and a pen.  If eligible, join.  If not, take the application with you and give it to a friend who is.  They will thank you.

We are here to serve the men and women who served their country.  We also support local programs and events that support families, children, and so much more.  We are located at 3700 NC Highway 54 WestChapel Hill, North Carolina 27516.  Call us at: 919-537-8703

Enjoy the show.



Lee Heavlin – Chapel Hill, NC, June 29, 2022

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