Robert Patton in the News

Robert Patton

Our very own Robert Patton, Adjutant, and our Post’s Legionnaire of the Year for 2011, is in the news this weekend.  The Garner News (Garner, NC)  has published a two-part series on his service in the 65th Infantry, life after the service, and what he is doing today to ensure that those who perished in the Holocaust are not forgotten.

The first part of the series on World War II veteran and Chapel Hill resident Robert Patton was published today.  Part II will appear in one week.

The series begins with, “A soft spoken man with a gentle soul and kind heart, Robert Patton couldn’t imagine ever taking another human life. The thought of killing anybody, friend or foe, unsettled him to his very core.

A lack of courage certainly wasn’t the issue. Patton spent months on the front lines as the U.S. Third Army swept through Europe and deep into Germany. His leadership abilities and coolness under fire while serving in his battalion’s headquarters company earned him a Bronze Star along with France’s Legion of Honor Medal.” Read more: Garner News – World War II veteran promotes peace

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