Post 7 Visits Our New Home – Legion Riders on the Prowl

We have been tugging at the line to get a rope around our members with motorcycles to form a Legion Riders Group in Chapel Hill.  We have a core group now of five or six members and we are looking for more.

Last Saturday Durham Post 7 Riders accepted an open invitation to “drop on by and sit a spell.”  They showed up in mass.  The Adjutant reported that he stopped by the Post to pick up and drop off a few things and heard the sound of rumbling motorcycles in the background.  Sergeant-at-Arms Tony Garcia was in the parking lot and just beamed in his new leather vest.  “Yep,” he said.  “That’s the sound of  Legion Riders from Durham.”  

The Adjutant reached back into his car for his SLR took lots of pictures of the parade and parking of the arriving herd.

It was an amazing sight.  We did not know that there were so many veterans affiliated with  Durham’s Riders.  We know now!

The Riders joined our Saturday regulars for lunch and a tour of our 128 acres of all “American Legion.”  

Thank you goes out to Nick Cervantes who caught the departing Legion Riders on video.  Enjoy.

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