Memorial Day Report

Memorial Day was simply great in Chapel Hill for long time members of American Legion Post 6.  We have a 93-year history of service to our town and we have shown that we can still do it in style.

A special thank you goes to Ed Gill, Robert Medred, Pete Jaeger, Bill McCullom, Lisa Heavlin, Glenn Sumner, and Dan Moore for taking the lead in preparing the building.  They enlisted a lot of helpers, spent a lot of time repairing and preparing, enlisted their families and friends, and pulled it all together.  A special thanks goes to the more than twenty members who showed upon on Sunday afternoon to help them.  Helpers were everywhere and the building was dressed for our guests.

If you missed the event, you missed the the many and continuous “Ooohs and Ahhhs.”  It started Thursday when the caterer for Troop 39’s Centennial gathering arrived to check out resources.  They were in shock at how good our Post Home looked.  It continued as long time members and Troop 39 Alumni visited the post for the centennial.

On Monday, our morning started out with dark clouds and sprinkles, then the sun broke through the clouds.  Our open house was well received and the memorial service was well attended and appreciated.  Some welled-up with tears as we held our Two Bell Ceremony.

Our on-site reporters from WCHL 1360 AM were able to do a lot of interview and this resulted in a strong story this morning.  If you missed it during airing, don fret.  WCHL has created a strong internet news site.  You can now catch up on the news and find historical links to older stories on line.  Visit them at  Want to read today’s story?  Visit the site here

What made this reporter’s day was to hear our many life-long members of the post speak highly of its current condition.  The 2011-12 Rehabilitation Team did an outstanding job.  There is much to be done.  Why not step up and volunteer to take our project to the next level.  Contact 2nd Vice Commander Ed Gill and let him know you are ready to help!


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