Let’s Talk Personal Computers

Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent by local veterans buying newer personal computers, new software, and stuff that may be unnecessary.  This writer is all for helping the local economy, but would you buy a new car if you had a clogged gas filter or needed an air filter?  Knowing what is really wrong with your computer can save you money.

It's not magic!
It’s not magic!

There are common problems that we all encounter and there are many no cost or low-cost solutions.  What we don’t do is share our troubles and our successes with our neighbors.  Let’s change that at our post.  Let’s have a mid-week two-hour afternoon roundtable chalk talk on personal computers, new no-cost solutions, printers, common issues with basic solutions, internet access, wireless at home, and more.  We have a large screen in our small meeting room and we will use computer projection to demonstrate or show solutions.

Sorry, leave your laptops and PCs at home.  This is not a repair session.  We will focus on ideas, common problems, and try to  explain why things work the way they do.  For free professional repair help from PC EMT see:  Computer Repairs for Local Vets

Think this is a good idea?  Sign up at our September 10th meeting.  We’ll set a date based on suggested days.  Have questions?  Contact the post commander.

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