Computer Repairs for Local Vets

Computer got you down?  Ready to head to the big box super center to buy a new one?  Before you make that big step, get some professional help.  Your computer may be fine.  It could be a software issue or a minor part.

Expert advice and assistance is offered by a local Hillsborough personal computer tech.  He is offering no cost repair services to local veterans in Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and Orange County.  Other vets can get assistance if they are in the surrounding area and contact him for assistance.

PC EMT Ad for RepairRepair parts, if needed are not included; however, he is not selling parts.  If parts are needed, the vet will be provided with a list of needed parts and local sources.  They obtain the parts and he will do the rest.

For many of our members, computer repairs are needed and they have limited funds.  This is a good opportunity for them.  To obtain assistance in this program, complete the attached form and send it to him at [email protected].   Download PC EMT Request

We can also arrange for you to drop off your computer at the post on our meeting night for him to pick up.  Make sure you have made arrangements for pickup before you take your PC to the post.

Most computer parts, cables, memory, and accessories are available in Chapel Hill at Intrex Computers on Elliot Road at affordable prices and lower than many big box stores.

We applaud “Ben” for volunteering to help our post members and other local veterans.  And we also thank the Crime Prevention/Training Department of NC Department of Public Safety in Raleigh for sharing this service information.

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