Let’s Join the Army ROTC for a Military Ball

American Legionnaires have been invited to attend the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps of UNC Chapel Hill’s Military Ball.  This is a very formal event and well worth attending.  Now, before you start worrying about how one works, at the bottom this email are links to the “how to” and what to wear.  We have even included a link to a Long Island American Legion Post’s  Military Ball.

The event is on Thursday, March 22, 2018, at the Carolina Inn.  The ball includes a meal of Grilled Angus Strip Steak, Salmon with skewered shrimp, or Wild Mushroom Ravioli.

This is a tuxedo event (told you it was formal), but Robert Medred has spoken to the Unit  and they said a business suit is appropriate (dark suit). You can wear you American Legion Blue Cap.  Look at the Nassau, NY, story for a picture of what other Legionnaires (without a tux) wear at a formal military ball.

If you have a tuxedo, dust it off and wear it.  If you have miniature military ribbons or medals, wear them on your lapel.  You can place your Legion miniature pin on your lapel.

If you still fit in your military formal attire, “Wow!”  Wear it.  Be proud of your military service.  Your service etiquette applies for medals.  Wear your service cap.

Robert Medred provided this information on R.S.V.P.’s, “The AROTC POC for their military ball told me yesterday that we have until 12 Mar (rather than the 2 Mar on their invitation) to RSVP.  Please send out a Post email with attached invitation to ask for RSVPs (with payment) to us by 12:00 PM 12 Mar.  I and Nick will attend.  We’d like to be joined by other members.” 

I recommend you also personally call the point of contact, Cadet Emma Neely, at 919-962-5546.  Let her know you have mailed your check to the American Legion WITH YOUR MEAL SELECTION.  Then:

  1. Make your check out to Army ROTC Unit UNC-Chapel Hill. 
  2. Mail your check and meal selection to the Post at 3700 NC 54W, Chapel Hill, NC 27516.  

Make your decision soon as it will take a day or two for the mail to reach our Post PO Box.  It might be a good idea to let us know you are coming, too.  Send a note to Vice Commander Medred at: [email protected] 

A copy of the invitation is attached.

Click on the links to view additional information.

  • View Military Ball Invitation with event details:  Click Here
  • View American Legion Post’s Military Ball at: Click here
  • View photos of Army ROTC Military Balls:  Click here
  • Learn more about military ball etiquette at:   Click here

Have additional questions?  Email Robert Medred  at: [email protected]


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