Health Clinic Held for Vets

A local muscular therapist, Julie Donnelly, assisted local veterans by holding a class for post members. The class taught our members how to release body pain. This clinic was her idea as a fund-raising event that will benefit everyone!  Non-members are asked to make a $15 donation to the Post’s 2013 American Legion Boys State Program.

Julie Donnelly is flanked by members of the post
Julie Donnelly is flanked by members of the post

This was a first experience for many of our members who deal with body pain.  This was a genuine alternative to taking additional pain killers.  They brought with them floor mats and were provided with new tennis balls (a therapeutic tool)  on arrival.  Julie then shared with them methods to exercise that released muscle tension, stiffness, and pain.  The students enjoyed the event and many of the post members joined non-members in making donations to Boys State.  Over $150 was raised.

Julie Donnelly, a muscular therapist who has written seven books on the subject of self-treating the muscles that cause joint pain and limit range-of-motion, donated the Julstro self-treatment clinic to the American Legion members and to any veteran in the local area. The two-hour clinic taught easy-to-do treatments for pain and tightness in your neck, shoulder, low back, hips, knees and ankles.

Want to learn more? Visit:  This is a fantastic offer exclusively for our local veteran’s.

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