Department of NC to Publish Member Directory

The American Legion’s Centennial year is fast approaching. It is 2019 and we’ll be celebrating the assembly of American Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in Europe to form the American Legion.

The Department of North Carolina is also preparing for their their centennial. Part of their program is a project to create a 100th Anniversary Member Directory. You will soon receive a post card asking you to participate in the project by calling a number and verifying your personal information. No, this is not a scam. It is a real project of the Department.

The Department of North Carolina has partnered with a firm called PCI to produce their Centennial American Legion 100th Anniversary Member Directory for North Carolina. The book will contain a photo of North Carolina American Legionnaires and a “Who’s Who” type of biography. Visit for current details and to see a sample of the book and book content.

The bound volume, with American Legion embossed seal on the cover, is available for sale to American Legion members and their family.  Your participation is encouraged. It is a Department of North Carolina fundraising project.

The company (PCI) represents the American Legion, Department of North Carolina, in this project as a “trusted partner.” The book publisher is Publishing Concepts (PCI) of Dallas, Texas. They have created these books for “35 years.”  The publisher has some basic information about you from the Department and reviews that information with you. Additional historical information is solicited for your entry to include a “then” and “now” photograph. You are also offered an opportunity to reserve or purchase a copy of the directory.

Legionnaires may have received a post card reminder to call them or an email. Both are sent on behalf of the Department of North Carolina Adjutant and bear his signature.

Visit for more information about this project and other important news.

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