Big Shovel to Our Rescue

Our pond frontage area was showing some erosion from the drought and subsequent rain storms.  Another challenge presented itself!

An area contractor provided us with three 12+ cubic yards of fill dirt at no cost, but how were we to spread it?  Wheelbarrow loads would be a huge task.  Paul Fiorentino, a long-time member of Post 6 came up with a solution.  “Let’s keep in the family.”  Paul’s son “PJ” has a landscaping, tree service, and excavation business.  Maybe PJ could help.

At our April meeting, as everyone was sitting down for dinner, you could hear the faint hum of heavy equipment coming to life!  PJ and Paul were outside spreading the three loads of dirt over the damaged area.  Wow!  What a blessing and just in time for the upcoming Scout’s Service Day.  

Troop 39 donated a load of material to blend with the fill.  Troop 505 and associated area troops then attacked the spread dirt with rakes to remove the rocks.  Next they seeded and covered the work with wheat straw.

We want to thank “PJ” Fiorentino for giving us a hand.  His efforts made our post look sharp again and, as everyone knows, a sharp-looking post shows pride in Post.

If you need help with your landscaping, remember “PJ.”  “PJ” can be reached at 919-219-6507.

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