Why We Do What We Do

We get lots of email and telephone calls to visit convalescent homes, nursing homes, schools and the Charles House.  We can’t honor all of the requests, especially around a military holiday, but we do try.

Why?  We seem to make a difference.  We are answering questions, encouraging people, showing them that they are also important to us.

An American Legion post is not in our town just for its members.  We are here to help, where we can, in our community. We have been doing that at Post 6 for 92 years.  We are Still Serving America.

We are here to serve veterans, returning veterans, their families, our community and youth. We don’t talk about war, we skip politics, and we shy away from talking about ourselves.  We try to be informative, helpful, and meaningful.  We are your guests at your patriotic event.

When we get tired, and we do at times, our energy comes right back when we get a card or letter of “Thank You.”  It’s like getting the old military, “Attaboy.”  Here is just one of the cards we receive.  It is handmade and came from the Charles House in Carrboro, NC.  Ed Gill, post Second Vice Commander, a resident of Hillsborough, visited them recently.  It reads,

  • Edward Gill,  We would like to express our thanks for taking the time to come and explain the ceremony for retiring flags, and for taking our old flags to retire.  We enjoyed hearing about your life and experience.  We look forward to seeing you again soon.  Ken Alvis,  Your Charles House Friends.  It was also signed by many of our friends at Charles House.

We thank you, too, Charles House and Friends, to inviting us to share your day with you.

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