Preparing for Post Year 2020-21

Are you considering serving as a post officer?  Then this is for you.

Post Officer duties, info on post committees, and general information can be found on pages 8-26 of the Post Officers Guide and Manual of Ceremonies.  You should view this section to better understand the duties and responsibilities of each post officer and committee member.  Click here to view

There is much to learn about the American Legion as an organization. The more you understand our programs and what we do and could do, the more vibrant our post. Learn more

See any post officer for candid chats about their duties, responsibilities, and practical application. Yes, there is much to learn about the American Legion, but you are already on the right path.

Contact Sergeant-at-Arms Art Prack. He is Chairman, Officer Nominating Committee, Post Year 2020-21. Email Art.

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