PH’s “The Last Car Show…”

The North Carolina Transportation Museum at Salisbury has announced that they are very thankful to PH Craig for considering to donate some of his very interesting vehicles to the North Carolina Transportation Museum.

The North Carolina Transportation Museum accepted a number of his cars and they will be on site in Salisbury this weekend and next. The times and dates are November 2-3; Saturday, 12-4 pm  and Sunday 2-4 pm. The repeat showing is on November 9-10 at the same times.

A new museum transportation warehouse and a garage is on the way, but cars take up a lot of space and have to be cared for on a regular basis. A museum curator said, “There are a lot of neat autos out there, but we really are interested in those items that carry stories—either under the hood concerning the development of autos or in how these autos were used—especially if they were used in North Carolina. Moonshine running cars, those with distinctive design features (I like the tail fins!)–you get the idea—go to the top of our lists. And while the NC Transportation Museum is not a military museum, World War II is one of the historical topics that is very big right now. Vehicles associated with this world-changing war will certainly long interest visitors. I know it will be very difficult for PH to decide what he might be willing to part with… ” PH is very proud to have found a very special place for his truly unique and well preserved vehicles. The vehicles will be available for many generations to come–true North Carolina Heritage.

PH advises that a number of his military vehicles may soon join the collection, too.

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