Iwo Jima Remembered

Sixty-nine years ago today, thousands of Marines stormed the beaches of Iwo Jima.  Their mission was to secure the island and the three airfields there.  The fighting went on for several weeks, but on 23 February 1945, five marines and one navy combat medic (hospital corpsman) raised the Stars and Stripes over Mount Surbachi.

Proudly she waves over the on-going battle to clear the island.
Proudly she waves over the on-going battle to clear the island.

The fighting went on for a month more until final victory was declared on 26 March.  Read more

This courageous battle caused many casualties, one of which hit home with our post.  Our Adjutant, Edward Gill, still an infant, lost his father in the battle.  We have had several members of our post associated with this battle.

Major Everett “Bud” Hampton, U.S. Marine Corps (retired), fought there.  This writer always thought that this was Bud’s first landing.  It was not.  He worked his way toward Iwo Jima through several beach landings on other Pacific islands, earning a battlefield commission along the way.  Bud is very active in all things patriotic and for veterans.  He is also a member of the Marine Corps League, the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Chapel Hill Post, and other groups.  He speaks on behalf of veterans before civic groups and schools.  Learn more

To all Marines and their families and descendents, we salute the bravery of the those who fought at Iwo Jima.

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