Americanism is Strong at Chapel Hill High School

Americanism is strong in Chapel Hill.  Our local Chapel Hill High School Drama department put on a special two and a half hour  remembrance of 9/11.

“I got to thinking that most of today’s high school students were between four and eight when 9/11 happened,” said Bill Melega the event host and a a history department teacher.  “They really don’t remember what it was like,” he continued.  Bill Melega was the Veterans of Foreign Wars 2010 National Citizenship Teacher of the Year recipient and has spoken at our post.

This special event 9/11 Remembrance was a combination or mix of  history and drama. It included music by the school’s faculty band, Corporal Punishment, video clips of news and survivors, a student-produced collection of personal accounts, a guest speaker, and a performance of  David Rimmer’s New York.

The journey back to 2001 touched everyone.  Many learned new things about the event and the impact on all of New York.  Brook North, the guest speaker, described himself as just a guy who worked in New York.  He lived and worked in Manhattan.   There was nothing special about him.  He was not in a tower, did not lose a relative, and  thought that there was nothing really to share.  But as he talked about his morning’s beginning, his journey to work in Manhattan, and what he witnessed was riveting.

Do you remember where you were on 9/11?  Have you forgotten what our nation went through?  Have you softened your resolve?  Take a minute to remember by viewing this short video of personal videos of the people of New York.  Let’s not forget 9/11.

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