Memorial Day – 2023

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and reflection as we honor those who died in conflict or as a veteran of active military service.

Event 1, Saturday, May 17th.  Flag Placement at Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery, Legion Road. It all starts early Saturday morning Memorial Day Weekend. 

  • We gather at Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery on Legion Road early on Saturday, May 27th. 
  • The first cars appear at about 7:15 a.m. 

There are veterans, families, and friends of veterans–all with a common mission–to place flags on the marked graves of veterans at Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery on Legion Road.  All are welcome.

  • At about 7:30 a.m. instructions are provided and flags passed out.  Hundreds of flags are on station and there are plenty for everyone–this is a family event.  We place over 500 flags.

Everyone is  invited to join us.  If you have a veteran buried there, we will give you a flag to personally place on their grave. Scouts from Chapel Hill Troops 835 and 505 join us each year.

Local media may attend the flag placement and memorial service.   Attendees may be photographed and interviewed.  Just ignore the media.  They want to capture us at work placing flags, saluting, sharing stories, and helping others.

Event 2, is also on Saturday, May 27th.    Memorial Service at Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery

  • A Memorial Day Weekend Saturday Service is held at 8 a.m.   
  • We select one World War veteran’s grave to represent all fallen veterans and hold their service at the honored gravesite.  Look for the large flags and assembly near the center of the cemetery.
  • The American Legion will HONOR  LOUISE DROGOS, WORLD WAR II U.S. Navy Nurse who passed earlier this year at 101 years of age.   

Did you know that Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, started here in the South as area graves were decorated with flowers by widows?  It dates back to the Civil War. Learn more

Event 3, Monday, May 29th.   ORANGE COUNTY VETERANS MEMORIAL.   Many American Legionnaires join area veterans and the Orange County Veterans Memorial Committee as they hold a Monday memorial service at the Orange County Veterans Memorial site on Homestead Road, (above Seymour Center) It starts 11  a.m. with an Honor Guard raising our National Ensign and a Memorial Service.  The American Legion Riders will hold a motorcycle motorcade from the Memorial to the American Legion Post Home at the conclusion of the service.


Event 4, Monday, May 29th – American Legion Post Home.  On Monday, our Post will hold an OPEN HOUSE  on Monday.   

  • Military historical items will be on display and there is a Post Museum to delight both young and old.
  • The doors open at 11 a.m. after the arrival of the motorcade from Legion Road. 
  • The
  • Post will hold a Memorial Service to honor our recently departed members at 1 p.m.

The memorial service is followed by food, drinks, and a visit by Maple View Farms Ice Cream.  Patriotic music is provided by The Village Band.  Come, enjoy the day with us as you relax at a new Orange County landmark.   If you have not visited out Post Home yet, our facilities are beautiful and provide a welcoming environment for adults and children alike.  It was designed especially for our young veterans and their families. We are just minutes away at 3700 NC 54 W Chapel Hill, NC 27516.



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