Commander’s Message – May 2017

Fellow Members,
Our post continues to move forward with historic events virtually every month.  In January we completed the sale of our Post property to the Town of Chapel Hill.  In April, the Executive Committee authorized the Post Commander to sign a contract to purchase 125 acres subject to the approval of the Post membership.  Last Friday night (May 12th)  the Post membership ratified and authorized the Post Commander to sign that contract to purchase the property of Samuel Floyd Ray for a purchase price of $900,001.
As a result of that authorization, the Executive Committee will select a Land Development contractor to begin the initial stages of development.  The Executive Committee has interviewed two land developers and will be discussing and selecting the company that the committee believes best meets our objectives.
In the meantime, the three committees we have formed to guide us through this process remain extremely active.  The Land Acquisition team is still monitoring the land development situation; the Building Design Committee is busy determining the  membership wants and desires and planning a building design to suit our needs; and our Financial Committee is actively pursing the best alternatives for investing our money for the short, medium and long term.
Last Friday night’s meeting (May 12, 2017) was absolutely exhilarating.  The vote to ratify the contract was 33 to 0 in the affirmative.  Every person in the room was excited about the prospect of building a new Post and asking how they could help.  Your Committee members have put in hundreds of hours looking out for the best interests of the members of our Post and I am extremely impressed with their dedication, knowledge, and progressive attitudes.
Make no mistake, we will have “bumps-in-the-road” as we proceed,” but as long as we all respect each other and maintain our positive attitudes, we will complete our goal of building a grand Post that will meet the requirements of future Veterans for the next 100 years.  You should all be proud of your contribution to the Post.  The positive energy that comes from our Post members is exhilarating to me and spurs me on to greater heights.  Please keep it up and let’s continue to move the ball down-the field over the next 3 years.
With deep respect for all of you,
Bill Munsee
Bill Munsee
American Legion Post No. 6
Chapel Hill, NC
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