Post Commander Candidate Comments 2021

One of our candidates for Post Commander was not able to attend the Post’s April meeting due to a family crisis.  A close family member was helo-evacuated to Duke Medical Center. That emergency came first.  The Post Commander has authorized distribution of his personal introduction comment that would have been made at our meeting.  Since this comment will be seen by all members and not just those who attended the meeting, candidate Robert Medred requested to have a opportunity to post his statement.  Here are their comments to post members.

Florencio “Tony” Garcia

Thank you for considering me for the position of Post Commander.  I am here to serve the veteran community.  I am a staple in the mental health community in North Carolina.  Together, we can engrave a healthy veteran presence on all professional levels in Chapel Hill. We can build trust and provide stable resources to all veterans.  Projects that I’m most excited about are coming to life:  Post 6 Honor Guard, Pond Stocking team, Sons of the American Legion, and the Legion Riders.  Before COVID, our team was strong and hungry, yet through thick and thin our key members continuously and rigorously completed complex tasks.  Please help us come together and lay the foundation to our endeavors.  I am ready and able to accept servitude to Post No. 6 and all its members.  Win, lose, or draw, we will readjust and continue the mission of Chapel Hill Post No. 6.


Robert Medred

Retired AF meteorologist.  AL member 14 yrs; Post 6 member 9 ½ yrs.  Small business owner, multiple employees.  Can help our Executive Committee run business-like, member-friendly Post.  I’d like to start regular events, indoors and outdoors, to further support entertainment, social, veteran needs, especially for younger members.  2nd Vice Commander for 6 years–responsibilities included running the Post on a daily basis, including all functions and ceremonies. Chairman, Revitalization Committee, 2013-15.  Assessed the fate of the old Post.  Result was approval to sell the old Post and buy a new Post.  Member of Post’s 4-person construction committee for a 2-year period.  Helped make and execute plans involved with building the new Post, esp., Game and Fitness Rooms, Club Room campaign table tops.  Served on many Post committees, including as three Chairman, Officer Nomination Committees. Let’s make the best Post facility in the AL become the best Post in the AL.

To learn more about these and the other officer candidates on this years’ ballot,  just click here.

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